5 Actors Who Almost Played Jason Bourne


After a nearly 10 year hiatus, Matt Damon is back in action as Robert Ludlum’s iconic spy in Jason Bourne, the new film from director Paul Greengrass that sees him reunite with the actor in an attempt to steer the franchise back on track after the middling spinoff The Bourne Legacy.

So far, reviews haven’t been terribly positive for the new flick, with our very own Matt Donato saying the following:

Jason Bourne packs a punch, but it’s softened by dizzying camera work and an expected story that loses what made the franchise so thrilling from the start.

Still, both Damon and Greengrass have built enough goodwill due to their fantastic work with the series and at this point, we’re willing to overlook the shortcomings here. And while Damon is as strong as ever in the role, it’s still interesting to think about how things would have turned out had the part gone to someone else.

Before the Good Will Hunting actor came on board, people like Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt were considered. They ultimately passed, of course, but it’s always fun to reflect on what could have been. So, on that note, check out the video above and join us as we look back on 5 actors who very easily could have been starring in Jason Bourne this weekend had things worked out a little differently.