Five Actors Who Could Star In A Lance Armstrong Film


3. Matt Damon

Matt Damon was rumored to be preparing for an Lance Armstrong biopic a few years ago, but the project never saw any real momentum. Damon would have been, and still is, a great choice to play Lance.

Damon has definitely proven himself as an action star while playing Jason Bourne and he would be totally believable as a pro cyclist. Where Damon would really shine though, would be in the latter parts of the film, dealing with both the end of Armstrong’s career and the steroids scandal. Picture the depressing solitude of his character in Hereafter translated to Armstrong dealing with the destruction of his legacy. Perfect match, right?

Damon has already played a sports star too, albeit in a very different sport, in Invictus, a role which I think was one of his best. He’s got all the right qualities to make the perfect Lance Armstrong and I would be thrilled to see him take on the role.

4. Woody Harrelson

Yes, Woody Harrelson is a bit older than the rest of the actors on this list, but his resemblance to Lance is surprisingly close. Their mannerisms are a bit similar too and Harrelson would have no trouble capturing the smug attitude some see in Armstrong.

Obviously Harrelson can act, he’s shown it time and time again in a wide array of roles, but his career has been light on portrayals of real people. I have no doubt that he would be excellent as Armstrong, but he just may not be a big enough box office pull for the studio to bank on him.

That being said, I think that beneath a helmet Harrelson would be the best fit visually for Armstrong, and he would be especially great if the film focused on Lance’s health struggles and post-cancer career.

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