5 More Star Wars Characters That Deserve Spin-Off Films

Darth Maul

Darth Maul was undoubtedly the highlight of the prequel trilogies. At least in terms of badass characters, there is no one that compares to the red-faced, double-edged lightsaber wielding Sith apprentice. Yet we know almost nothing about him! There was an expanded universe novel dedicated almost entirely to him, but it still gave hardly any background.

What’s with those horns? What’s with the funky red and black face (it’s actually a Sith tattoo, not his skin) and why was he so submissive despite being the most impressive martial artist with a lightsaber in all the galaxy? In addition to answering all the questions above, we’d get to see Maul for more than the minuscule amount of screen time he received. Talk about a character that was robbed from us far before his time.

Another solid option would be a story about him surviving his assumed death in Menance. According to the expanded universe he actually survived the fall down the reactor chasm, but there’s never any real explanation of how he does that. The power is totally in your hands Disney. They say only Siths deal in absolutes, well I absolutely want to see a Darth Maul film.

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