Anarchy Is Just The Beginning: 5 Directions That The Purge Can Go In Next

5) Follow The Guy Who Thinks He’s Ready For The Purge, But Clearly Isn’t


This idea is interesting because in DeMonaco’s universe, you have people like Diego who have been brainwashed to believe purging is every citizen’s right. With all his heart, when he busts a locked door down and tries to rape Eva, none of that behavior registers as morally deplorable. On the flip side, you have Eva and her daughter holed up for the night, locking any entrance while trying to just live through another Purge untouched, out of harm’s way (so they think). Those are generally the two mindsets we see – but what about the guy who believes he’s Diego, but then at the first sign of violence, he turns into a whimpering coward now trapped outside with the predators?

There are a few different ways this movie can go. For starters, our “hero” could attempt hiding in a dumpster only to be killed off by much scarier, vile beings who live, eat, and breathe The Purge. Don’t enter the belly of the beast without being prepared, right?

That wouldn’t make for a good movie though, as there’d be a meaningless hour of emotionless purging left without a main character – so let’s see The Purge simply through the eyes of a completely terrified, utterly useless character who must sneak around while casualties pile up. In The Purge: Anarchy, there are certainly a few characters unprepared for the carnage, but Frank Grillo is there to save the day. I’m saying let’s take one of those spineless civilians, remove their Grillo safety blanket, and let’s see The Purge happening from their eyes.

Maybe they learn something about themselves, maybe they discover a primal instinct hidden deep inside, or maybe they become a Buddhist Monk for the rest of their lives – but I want a movie that addresses just how overwhelming The Purge can be.