Anarchy Is Just The Beginning: 5 Directions That The Purge Can Go In Next

4) Purge Survivors Must Deal With Their Daily Lives Post Purge


So, how about a dramatic Purge sequel? Sure, horror fans are only interested in what goes on during the actual Purge, but the darkest material actually exists long after an ending horn signifies order being restored. Although, here’s the question – is order really restored? James DeMonaco brought up some unnerving points about post-Purge life, such as families preparing all throughout the year for purging festivities, be it training their kids or fortifying their gear. Could you imagine getting protective Kevlar vests for Christmas instead of an XBOX One? If you lived during a reality where The Purge exists, that doesn’t sound all that bad.

The human drama present is just too juicy to ignore here. Imagine shooting your neighbor in the leg just as the purge alarm goes off, only injuring a man who just couldn’t stop his dog from shitting on your lawn every damn day, but now it’s a week later, and you’re forced to look the same man directly in the eyes during a conversation – pretending you didn’t just try to murder him.

The bigger question is, how do people live with themselves after taking to the streets for an slice of the anarchy pie? Again, focusing on someone who many not be ready for such bloodshed, what about the irrational person who kills out of revenge, only to let the guilt eat away at their psyche for months after The Purge? Whether there are laws or not, you’ve still murdered someone in cold blood, and that fact never leaves. How are we supposed to enter back into a falsified society where citizens are only nice out of fear of being purged next year? Sure, road rage wouldn’t exist, people would tip 20% every time, and no one would argue over spilt milk anymore – but wouldn’t that pent-up aggression only make future purging worse?

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I want a full dissection of life after purging – show me what happens when “order” is restored and the streets are cleaned. Show me how people live knowing anybody walking down the street most likely has killed in their lives. Society is corrupt enough as it is – why not make it that much darker?