The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2012

This year – perhaps even more than any other year in history – has contained its fair share of cinematic disappointments, likely because we’re all getting way too enthralled with the power of franchises, and because trailers are manipulating our thoughts and expectations in ways that just aren’t fair. I mean, what happened to the days of hearing about a movie on a whim and just, you know, checking it out? I’ll tell you what happened: those days died a horrible, agonising death, and we’re all to blame.

Remember the Prometheus trailer? Remember how it seemingly rocked your world, as if the greatest science-fiction movie ever made had just, like, appeared out of nowhere and was headed straight for the top spot in the widespread critical acclaim department? Didn’t happen, did it? Maybe you liked it anyway. Fair enough. No matter how you think on the ones that kind of broke the audience’s collective heart this year, you have to admit: so many of ’em weren’t quite up to the standard you hoped, were they? They left you feeling a little… unfulfilled. Hm?

Us, too. Here’s our list of this year’s most disappointing releases – because we’re still not over it, Hollywood. Not by a long shot.

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