The 5 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2012


This year – perhaps even more than any other year in history – has contained its fair share of cinematic disappointments, likely because we’re all getting way too enthralled with the power of franchises, and because trailers are manipulating our thoughts and expectations in ways that just aren’t fair. I mean, what happened to the days of hearing about a movie on a whim and just, you know, checking it out? I’ll tell you what happened: those days died a horrible, agonising death, and we’re all to blame.

Remember the Prometheus trailer? Remember how it seemingly rocked your world, as if the greatest science-fiction movie ever made had just, like, appeared out of nowhere and was headed straight for the top spot in the widespread critical acclaim department? Didn’t happen, did it? Maybe you liked it anyway. Fair enough. No matter how you think on the ones that kind of broke the audience’s collective heart this year, you have to admit: so many of ’em weren’t quite up to the standard you hoped, were they? They left you feeling a little… unfulfilled. Hm?

Us, too. Here’s our list of this year’s most disappointing releases – because we’re still not over it, Hollywood. Not by a long shot.

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  1. davesays:

    this site gets worse and worse. Your telling me that out of every single movie that came out in 2012, batman was the worst. Sorry, ur an idiot. All you did was pick out 5 of the most popular movies of 2012 and say what you didn’t like about them. Click bait.
    try properly naming ur pieces instead of luring people in with bullshit.

    1. idiot. TDKR was easily THE MOST DISAPPOINTING!! not worst

      1. Guestsays:

        know who is an idiot, someone who calls another person an idiot for sharing your opinion, I’m sure you would not say that to his face coward.

      2. Get over it gosh…he said he was an idiot. You act like he cursed at him or something. In all honesty the author opinions were totally wrong and sucked.

      3. No it wasn’t…stop being over picky. I could see if they changed the whole outlook of the franchise

    2. You are a fucking moron, Dave. How is the title misleading? It clearly says “The 5 Most DISAPPOINTING Movies of 2012.” How fucking difficult is that to understand? Don’t go blaming this article for your own ineptitude, you stupid fucking douchebag. People like you should be hunted for sport.

      1. Vertabinsays:

        Such a hateful response towards someone you don’t even know. You should take a long look at yourself and the hateful crap you put on internet. Are you happy being so mean and hateful? Would you have the courage to talk to someone like that in real life? You need to grow up.

      2. Awwww are you going to cry….

      3. Nathanielsays:

        Sounds like you’re butthurt Ji and Stefon.

      4. get over it lol. People talk mess all the time…its just talk

      5. ^your a moron, Dave is 100% right. who care if its worst or disappointing. Both refer that the movies are bad point blank

    3. religion is stupidsays:

      iit says disapointing u freak

      1. Nathanielsays:

        Fuck off cunt. Atheism is stupid.


    4. Dave is actually right on 100% here. None of these movies were particularly disappointing. At least not if you had realistic expectations. Click bait, like dave said.

      1. Levisays:

        Not the hobbit

    5. Get a Life!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. bijiosays:

      uh, no he did NOT say that of every movie that came out in 2012 batman was the worst. he said nothing of the kind, actually. i really have to wonder if people like you actually read what is written here, or just go by some numbers and a jumbled up, confused understanding of what is even being discussed. he said it was the most disappointing movie. that’s it. i would patently agree, actually — no movie had higher expectations, and while it certainly delivered some good stuff, was nowhere near it’s predecessor. i think most people would agree with me on that one, but you never know which way the tides are going these days.

  2. T.J. Barnardsays:

    Um. This isn’t a list of the worst movies: it’s a list of the most disappointing.

  3. q t importasays:

    tas loko tu, batman y el hobbit estan bien perrones, valiente ahi si te la perdono pero esas no, seran para ti decepcionantes, batman rompio recors y supero the avengers y el hobbit apuesto que aun ni la ves y ya andas con tus payasadas

  4. norrissays:

    youd be mad to think batman was disappointing , dumbass

  5. Brave isn’t trying to be a Toy Story nor Monsters Inc.. unless you have an attention span of an ADHD, it will be confusing for you.. but if you are paying attention, it won’t

    1. virtual_richsays:

      One thing I never really understood about visual media, why people can’t seem to get that a movie/show is not trying to be something else and that it is trying to be it’s own idea. It is what it is…and not anything else.

      1. Well, yes, except that Brave was pretty clearly Pixar’s take on the Disney Princess movies (and provided insightful commentary on the genre in its own right). But it’s also awesome on its own.

  6. kylesays:

    if these are the most disappointing then what wasn’t? Your full of haterade dumbass

  7. virtual_richsays:

    “It fails, of course, because Luc Besson films never succeed when they’re going for completely serious.” And what was Leon the Professional, a slapstick comedy?

    1. You thought Leon was completely serious? Leon was like a comic book! And better for it.

      1. virtual_richsays:

        What do you care about what I think? Was like a comic book? Was it changed somehow so it’s not anymore? Anyway, why can’t a comic book be serious? Just look at the Walking Dead.

  8. oh now. agree 100% with top 4 order. im worryed for the hobbit now:(

  9. chrissays:

    thankyou someone has finally watched TDKR and realised it was pretty stupid. Bane wasn’t scary or badass (when you could understand him anyway), catwoman did nothing and batman broke his back like twice and recovered no worries in a terrible prison to then come back and beat Bane. Oh and what was the US government doing while bane had control of the city. Such a disappointment when i watched it a second time i fast forwarded thru most. Shot well not a good film. spot on saying the first 2 films set up the gritty reality, the third just ignored it all…

  10. chucksays:

    i think he has mistaken 5 best movies of 2012 to 5 worst

  11. frank williamssays:

    This article is quite comical in very sense of the word. The buffoonery simply astounds me.

  12. juicesays:

    Your article should have been titled “most hyped movies that disappointed”. Your assessment that peter Jackson put too much material in the hobbit is simply an ignorant statement. Tolkien himself said he badly needed an editor for his works, as they’re prone to drag on and on. Jackson was required, for the sake of his wide audience, to give history and relationship to the lotr in this perquel. For me, the more middle earth the better.

    1. Cherry GVsays:

      I know right? This guy hasn’t read Tolkien at all

    2. Titussays:

      Watched it four times. Sincerely enjoyed every time. Understanding the material makes it better for me, I completely understand that, but it’s my bias of informed position and I’m happy with what he’s doing. Leave the main-stream response to his P.R. people.

    3. Banky Moonsays:

      The 1st 20 minutes were there first chapter of TLOTR, then there was a lot of stuff added from the appendices of TLOTR, and a previously non-existent Orc bent on revenge was added. It is like Peter Jackson un-edited the previously concise and straight forward ‘The Hobbit’.
      If you want to maximize profits on the franchise 3 movies are better than one, even if it means ‘fluffing out’ the narrative . The reason the movie was disappointing to people who know the story is that it is a clear triumph of profit over integrity.

      1. cosmicironysays:

        The more time in Middle Earth the better. I enjoyed the experience, that’s what I look for in a movie.

  13. Complex mediasays:

    dark knigh trises definitly wasnt the worst movie, i mean it wasnt as good as the dark night, but it was still an amazing movie whoever wrote this should really get their priorities straight before they get fired, or even better they should just find a new job

    1. rsnsays:

      I 100% agree with you on this. TDKR was one of the years best movies, although not as good as TDK. I have read some of the reasons why people say it was one of the worst and they are totally stupid! PEOPLE WATCH THE FIRST TWO MOVIES CLOSELY! Then, make your opinions The reason for the plot holes or the end fight being short was because Nolan was forced to cut down the movie. Although, I wish Nolan would have made it uncut, it was still an AWESOME movie.

  14. Stansays:

    “With Damon Lindelof’s name on the script, we probably shouldn’t have expected so much”
    Best quote of the year and a warning of what is to come!

  15. You guys suck, and all those movie’s ROCK!

  16. Dontreturnsays:

    Never come to this website again thanx for the crappy list…..

  17. metamorphissays:

    The Dark Knight Rises was not a dark or a complex film. Please tell me otherwise because I can’t see how it is.

  18. Dansays:

    Just going to put it out there, but the batman movies were never actually meant to be realistic. In my opinion, TDKR was equally as realistic as Batman Begins. Even TDK wasn’t that realistic, e.g. how did the Joker get those explosives into the hospital? I thought that TDKR was a fantastic film that was everything I wanted it to be. Also, about 90% of the so called plot-holes in this movie are just people nit-picking at the movie when there is actually a very good answer. There were a couple of plot holes, but no really bad or annoying ones.

    1. The only one that bothered me was Bruce suddenly being able to dance fluently at the ball, then going back to limping around on his “bad knee.” Apart from that, I completely agree with you!

    2. Okay then. Explain how Bruce Wayne and Batman can simultaneously disappear for 8 years and then come back in the exact same week and not be suspected as the same person in the least. Also, explain how batman can survive having his being stabbed in the chest and and a MUSHROOM CLOUD!!! Also could you give an explanation for why during the motorcycle scene, they ride into a tunnel during the daytime and come out in the nighttime and why even though Batman says he doesn’t kill people, he clearly punches a guy in the helmet, breaking the glass over his face and kills him.

      1. he never got stabbed in the chest it was the side of his stomach

      2. I know what you mean about the “daytime, now it’s nighttime” thing. But that’s not just TDKR, I’ve noticed it in a bunch of movies. Not sure why they do that. The chase could NOT be that long 🙂

      3. BOBsays:

        if Bruce wayne had just disappeared how had he started a business with Miranda and how come his company hadn’t just stopped.

  19. Fcuk u man… These r not dissapointing movies …. All r best movies of 2012… Only Taken 2 movie has been rated low… Otherwise Taken 2 hass grossed 350 million worldwide…. U r just shit….

  20. Buckysays:

    The movies on this list were actually pretty good except taken 2- oh boy was that a fucking waste of money and time and I was a little disappointed of the dark knight was entertaining and epic but it was kinda all over the place.

  21. Terrysays:

    I have come to the conclusion that the author simply doesn’t like movies

  22. Evan Bolicksays:

    With the exception of the Hobbit, I agree with all of these (I can only assume Amazing Spider-Man wasn’t on the list because hopes weren’t high in the first place?). It is really refreshing to see a website recognize Dark Knight Rises as the most disappointing (NOT WORST) films. Nolan had crafted a incredible first two films that cemented him as a director with elite talent. Then, the Dark Knight Rises contradicted almost everything that came before it, upped the camp, made almost no logical sense, and included a bomb that took almost a year to go off. I knew DKR was in trouble the moment that the beginning scene with Bane mirrored… almost beat for beat… the opening sequence of Dark Knight. A movie is only disappointing when you expect a lot of it, and Nolan had set the bar high… and failed miserably.

    1. Ryansays:

      I’m in complete agreement with you dude. A man that knows exactly what he is talking about and truly understands what constitutes good film making.

      1. Its based on a fake world u guys are nuts.

  23. James Fretzsays:

    Dark Knight rises was over hyped, then it ended up not delivering

    1. Genjisays:

      Not delivering in what way? Oh, people of the internetzzzz

  24. i honestly don’t get how people keep saying the pacing is bad. That’s every single LOTR films. Audiences are getting smarter and notice self-indulgence more. The first lord of the rings film could’ve been the first half of two towers to be honest

  25. Am I the only who hates when people say TDKR is a great movie? it must be the same people who like Prometheues

    1. Have you read the comics? TDKR was extremely faithful to the comics. If you think the movie was bad, then you obviously know nothing of good cinema (or have the mental capacity to understand the genius that is Christopher Nolan)

      1. Lol just like with Prometheus there’s a facade of brilliance going on. It’s not a smart movie it’s actually pretty dumb at times. Prometheus has the same problem of pretending to be smart. And Nolan is not a Genuis. Scorsese is a genus, Fincher is a genius. Just shifting the narrative fools people like you into thinking his movies are smarter then they are.

      2. I love how you skipped over the part where I mentioned the comics. Tell me, in what way does Christopher Nolan deviate from the comics? Please, enlighten me. Bane was more than just a brawny meathead. He was a strategist, as he is in the comics. Bruce and Alfred have a strained relationship, just like in the comics. Hathaway was perfect as Selina Kyle. It looks to me like you’re one of those indie-film addicts that criticizes anything mainstream. Take it from a genuine Batman comics fan – TDKR was a great movie.

        And I never defended Prometheus. I actually think Ridley Scott butchered his own franchise with that movie.

      3. I don’t give a fuck about the comics a good movie is a good movie it only has to capture the comic in spirit. Hathaway was “solid” i agree. And no my favorite movie of this year was Avengers and 4 was 21 jump street. And your not a genus comic fan if you think it’s a great movie it has so many flaws. It has trappings of a great movie, it has everything a great movie has except the execution. I can’t blame you for loving it, it’s made for you. but for you to call it a “great movie” is baffling

      4. I liked Avengers too, and as much as you are going to be a hipster about it, the movie met expectations. It may not have met YOUR expectations, but then the box office would disagree with your opinion. And you not giving a fuck just shows how much you really know about the Batman series, which is nada. So take my advice, shut the fuck up before you embarrass yourself any further.

      5. I’m not a hipster. I do see a certain charm in a movie that’s independent, but TDK was mainstream and I liked that quite a lot so there’s a flaw in your argument. Also I had low expectations. I predicted all of the problems that I would have seeing it. You’re going to say I walked in with a grudge, but no not really I do that with most movies i don’t know why I have to love TDKR or I’m a hipster or troll.

        I know plenty about the Batman FILM universe. I don’t read the comics. this isn’t the most disappointing comics of 2012 so why does that matter? If it was a worse comic of 2012 list I wouldn’t comment on it. BUt let’s be clear, I gave the movie plenty of comments to match my critisms.

      6. Genjisays:

        Sorry for butting in. Anthony, so you liked The Dark Knight? How about Batman Begins? Now tell me, what is it that you like about The Dark Knight (and Batman Begins if you do like it too) that was not in The Dark Knight Rises for you to hate people who say The Dark Knight Rises is a great film? If you can’t answer this question properly, then we’ve got a hipster here! Oh, and don’t give me your “And your not a genus comic fan if you think it’s a great movie it has so
        many flaws. It has trappings of a great movie, it has everything a
        great movie has except the execution.” answer, such a vague and general bull**** that people trolling on the internet give nowadays. From what I see, The Dark Knight Rises is a great film and the tremendous amounts of revenues it gained are not lying. Like what you said in your original post, if you hate people like me who would call this film a great movie, then tell us what flaws neglected this movie that you would not find in The Dark Knight or other movies that you would consider great? If you can’t answer properly, then we’ve got a troll hipster here!

      7. Let me try to reply to your essay you wrote, I don’t hate you. I even understand where you are coming from. If you loved it okay I can see why it’s basically the same movie as TDK. When you call it a great film I wince a little. But on the same token why are you so mad at me for not caring for it? I’m not saying it’s a piece of shit if I give all my reasons for hating it i’m nitpicking and i went in with a grudge, if i give a broad explanation then I’m a troll, but let’s proceed.

        I get the impression that the people who say this movie is a great film where going to call it that regardless of the actual quality of the movie. Not saying you per say but that’s my overall guess.

        And really it all comes down to preference. I’d say with a good re-edit this movie easily could’ve been a good movie or approaching a great movie. It’s too long, and a little dull at points, There aren’t enough Batman scenes and the Bruce Wayne scenes mirror scenes from Batman Begins to even be interesting. His whole arc in the movie is a repeat. Miranda Tate is completely unnecessary to this plot and the twist undercuts Bane and she has the worst and most cliche and nonsensical death in the trilogy and Tom Hardy’s performance. The dialogue was bad. “Cat got your tongue” is just an example of how corny this movie gets at times. There was no tension for me because I knew no major characters where going to do die. I could go on with plot holes, one note performances, suspension of disbelief, unrealistic scenes for epicness, etc. But I think you can tell from my complaints I’m not just arguing to argue.

      8. Genjisays:

        Fair enough. Though I don’t get the “..why are you so mad at me for not caring for it?”. Caring for what now? And no, I don’t think people would call something great if they think otherwise because that would be stupid. So rest assured, I can tell that the people calling The Dark Knight Rises a great film really found the movie great. And yes, calling films bad or great is all really about preference. The Avengers is pretty much an average movie for me but others would consider it great. Though unlike you, I would not hate it when people call The Avengers a great film because like you said, it all comes down to preference. Movie length is not a problem for me as long as it is necessary. JFK is longer than The Dark Knight Rises but I still loved it because I know that making the film shorter would neglect the quality of the movie. Not enough Batman scenes? Again, I don’t mind as long as it is necessary. And how is Miranda Tate unnecessary? If it weren’t for her, Talia’s mission together with Bane and The League of Shadows would not have been that smooth sailing. If she revealed herself to be Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter from the very beginning, then Bruce wouldn’t give her his trust. Though not really proven, I believe they were on a suicide mission that is why I’m not really looking forward for the villains to die in an epic fashion, as long as they deliver their mission successfully. And why is having a non-cliche death necessary? The villain of your favorite movie of 2012, Loki, seemed to have been defeated by a lone superhero helplessly and effortlessly. Except for the voice, I really liked Tom Hardy’s performance. His portrayal of Bane was not that of one that could easily be forgotten. Plot holes, suspension of disbelief, unrealistic scenes for epicness, the first two films in the trilogy have all these too, so don’t make it look like The Dark Knight Rises is not great, or not even good in your opinion, just because of a number of plot holes and suspending your disbelief because of unrealistic scenes when in fact they were already present in the previous two. And no, I don’t think you are one of those people who argues for the sake of arguing. I just think you are one of those people who would like to oppose and argue with the majority.

      9. It having the same problems as BB and TDK goes back to execution and length again. The shorter a movie is the less I notice shit. Basically I wouldn’t call Avengers a “great” film. It’s my favorite film of the year, but it’s not a great movie. It’s fun and maybe the best action movie in recent memory. When I think great movie that’s a term that broad and generally accepted by all people Fight Club is Great GodFather is great. To put TDKR in the same ring as those movies is an insult to me. And really when i say it’s all about preference honestly the things that bothered me should bother everyone it’s movie making 101, but since you loved it you forgive it. And you’re not wrong for loving it etc. until you call it a great movie because then it can get compared to real great movies and then it doesn’t hold up.

        And honestly not to sound like a troll, I think TDK had all the problems TDKR has. THe length, bad editing, bad dialogue, epicness that doesn’t fit. I think that’s why It’s more frustrating. Instead of learning it just repeats the same problems and I’d even go as far as saying it copies from it. Bane and the Joker are basically the same character. Their message is similar you could’ve switched their movies and not have changed shit.

      10. Genjisays:


      11. The Batman FILM universe? Which one? Joel Schumacher’s?

      12. All of them every single movie, like I said don’t care about the comics when talking about the movies. Watchmen used the comics as a storyboard and still disappointed

      13. What the Hell are you talking about? Watchmen was awesome! You probably just saw the Harry Potter movies without having read the books.

      14. You’re not aware that a lot of people don’t like that movie? It’s pretty common actually, and I read the comics it stayed too close to them snyder dropped the ball

      15. Watchmen is widely acknowledged as being a dissapointment I don’t know why you fanboys don’t acknowledge this and at least admit you’re in the minority, most people just saw it’s meh. Personally I think it’s a decent movie but a horrible adaption even though it was faithful which in this case hurt the movie.

      16. And how am i being a hipster I just said it was my favorite movie of this year.. I even bought the poster and it’s the highest grossing film of the last 3 years.. goddamn you need to relax and learn how to read

      17. chiaroscuro_se-rezsays:

        Batman – The World’s Greatest Detective…or not. Batman – Gotham’s Dark Knight, dedicating to fighting crime…for a whole year. Batman – Gotham’s defender in the darkest of times…except after every criminal has been released and the police force has been dramatically reduced, then he’ll leave a completely ill prepared former cop to deal.

  26. this is a ridiculous list!! i agree about brave and expecting something great from taken 2 is plain foolishness ,but saying hobbit,prometheus,tdkr were disappointing is just idiotic!
    Sure hobbit felt stretched but it was a great movie to watch.Prometheus had an “unwritten screenplay” ?? if u watch it properly im sure you could fill in the blanks rathar than expect Scott spoonfeed you the answers.
    And TDKR….”Nolan’s dull grasp of action sequences” ,”lack of visual flair” ?? did u really watch the same movie as the rest of the world did? the movie was intense from Scene 1 all the way to the last.And the action sequences were brilliant!
    If you found these movies disappointing ,how come Avengers didnt make the list? or what about Spiderman? I suppose those were the most realistic movies of the year for you!
    Sure its your list and opinions ,but this list is either a result of a kid or a troll.

    1. I think people are missing the point: these movies were most disappointing because the expectations were highest. And none delivered what we expected.

      The expectations for these movies were much higher than that of The Amazing Spider-Man. The Avengers delivered, plain and simple, and did what it was supposed to. Nolan’s films look nice, yes, but he never uses his camera except to just… film a direct shot. Where’s the visual flair? To my mind, he only ever uses one shot creatively: when it’s Batman’s POV after he’s getting beaten up by Bane, and there’s water running over his face. Has Nolan ever used any other shots like that, except for just boring mid-shots?

  27. 愛Loveゆsays:

    The movie critics should not exist… Everyone has a different opinion… No one can tells us if the movie is good or bad, we have to decide ourselves. And I really enjoyed and liked Brave, never watch any batman movie though… So hands up for Brave and middle fingers for the person who wrote this article…

  28. Silverwolfsays:

    DKR was so neutered of the things that made the first two so compelling. Alfred Quits, Bane get Batmans toy locker. I think I saw Morgan Freeman in the movie, Gordon is tied up and his officers are stuck underground. Joel Schumacher give Nolan the idea that Bane would be a great villian to finish the movie with? What a dull humorless, and droning movie. They were in a rush to do the movie and get it over with, that is obvious. Batman fliies out yet escapse enormous bomb and is last seen with Catty overseas by a very burned out Alfred while we are supposed to assume that Levitt will soon assume the mantle as the new Dark Knight. Right under the noses of the orphanage that was Wayne Manor, all without the help of Julius Fox whom Im cerain has gone and retired since he has done his duty to God and Wayne Enterprises above and beyond.

    1. Genjisays:

      -DKR was so neutered of the things that made the first two so compelling.
      Alfred Quits, Bane get Batmans toy locker. I think I saw Morgan Freeman
      in the movie, Gordon is tied up and his officers are stuck underground.-

      It was supposed to be the last film of Nolan’s trilogy called “The Dark Knight RISES”, what do you expect? Alfred quitting, Bane intruding Bruce’s weapon room, officers stuck underground, obviously these are all hardships that Batman must face for him to reach his weakest / lowest point in all of the three films and then win Gotham back in an epic fashion. Since it’s the last, I would hope that the danger Bane brings to Batman and Gotham is something of a bigger scale, and that’s exactly what this movie did. You don’t want to give Batman bigger trials? Then don’t watch Nolan’s last Batman film. Go watch the previous Batman film where Bane is supposedly stupid, I bet he wouldn’t give Batman much of a headache.

      -Joel Schumacher give Nolan the idea that Bane would be a great villian
      to finish the movie with? What a dull humorless, and droning movie.-

      Who would you suggest then? And why isn’t Bane fitting for the role of Batman’s last villain in this trilogy? He can’t be easily forgotten because of his trademark look, he is smart, and much stronger than Batman physically. I know that there are a handful of cooler villains that could have made the film more appealing. But you should never forget that Nolan made this trilogy in a realistic tone that is why there is somehow a limit to whoever the villain it is he’s making.

      -They were in a rush to do the movie and get it over with, that is
      obvious. Batman fliies out yet escapse enormous bomb and is last seen
      with Catty overseas by a very burned out Alfred while we are supposed to
      assume that Levitt will soon assume the mantle as the new Dark Knight.
      Right under the noses of the orphanage that was Wayne Manor, all without
      the help of Julius Fox whom Im cerain has gone and retired since he has
      done his duty to God and Wayne Enterprises above and beyond.-

      It was obvious that they rushed making the movie? Really? How can you say such a thing? Enlighten me, please. And yes, in the ending, we were left to assume with what’s going to happen. What you said is just one of the many possibilities that could take place after. Officer Blake could be the next Dark Knight, he could have been Batman’s side kick, etc.

  29. Silverwolfsays:

    Prometheus was great. At least we now know where the space jockey came from and the Alien creature. Maybe all it will take is one more Ridley Scott movie to cement the link to Alien. If not so what. We got the general idea and it wasnt all that boring as you say.

  30. bumboclotsays:

    I don’t see TDKR as disappointing. Maybe I had low expectations because the 3rd film is a dud in most trilogies, or maybe I thought TDK was not as great or perfectly crafted as many people do, but this conclusion was perfectly made to fit in with the rest of the “Dark Knight” trilogy. In fact, I would say its even better than part 1.


  32. Michael Greenbergsays:

    Every movie that came out this year sucked! The only decent movie I saw was ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’. This is probably the worst year for movies ever (‘though last year comes close). I feel sorry for Oscar voters!

  33. MOCK!says:

    I understand the site needs to make money but that eBay popup on the iPad is so annoying I may just be done with this site….

  34. MOCK!says:

    I understand the site needs to make money but that eBay popup on the iPad is so annoying I may just be done with this site….

  35. niksays:

    So take every good movie this year and call them “disapointing”. Is this site run by hipsters?

  36. andynd568says:

    John Carter is a honorable mention for sure.

  37. kevinlaw1222says:

    What a daft list – the only entry I might agree with is Prometheus – all the rest were fine. Some people are just too fussy. And as far as TDKR and the Hobbit. they were due a kicking because the previous entries in the series did so well.
    It’s an iron law that if a piece of artistic work does well the critics HAVE to give the next one a kicking – just to let the person producing the work, Peter Jackson/Chris Nolan – know that the critics can bring them down as much as build them up.

  38. After reading the comments, I’m quite amazed how many idiots took “disappointing” to mean “bad.”

  39. Aerosays:


  40. What D’ Fuck!?!?!..TDKR is one of the best i see it this year…maybe you can call me a fanboy but I considered every thing in the movie…lights, cinematograpy, sound, etc. not just the plot… Uhhh…but well…

  41. Navsays:

    I loved TDKR. I only liked TDN and found BB just ok.

  42. If you think TDKR was a bad movie, then you’re probably one of those people who preferred the old Joel Schumacher movies. Go read the comics and then compare it to the movie, you fucking excuse for a blogger.

  43. Hmmm, I don’t agree with any of the comments/conclusions made in this article. It just seems critics lately are being overly harsh and critical on some really great films because they are paid to be critical. How else could The Hobbit get a rating of 65% on Rotten Tomatoes. Almost all of the professional critics have slammed it. Pretty damn ridiculous.

    1. TDKR is a great film? The same movie where Selina Kyle, whose never addressed as CatWoman, says ” Cat got your tongue”? That’s so corny the Adam West Batman wouldn’t use that

      1. Gabrielsays:

        Wrong. In the nwaspaper she is referenced as “The Cat”.

      2. Genjisays:

        Are you kidding me? Bruce even mentioned that she’s known as the “Cat
        Burglar.” And you would not count a Batman film as great just because
        of that lame reasoning? “Selina Kyle says, “Cat got your tongue,” whole movie is ruined, this film is so corny.” I mean, seriously.

      3. I didn’t say the movie was ruined, that shows the level of bad writing that pops up in a movie that’s supposedly a gritty “realistic” portrayal of the Batman universe. That made me roll my eyes i hope Nolan didn’t write that line

  44. roguetamlinsays:

    I want to say as the mother of a 7 year old obsessed with Disney Princesses: Brave is the best Disney princess movie ever.

    1. … no Tangled was wayyyyyy better what the hell are you thinking

  45. Alexsays:

    You know what’s funny all these movies but Taken 2 got good reviews and did great in the box office. Looks like someone is a fan of The Avengers. How do you think The Dark Knight Rises was disappointing (it was still way better than The Avengers). The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t as good as the trailer showed it was and it wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight but it was still a damn great movie. Your list is retarded I would agree with you on Taken 2 but not anything else. The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t the most disappointing movie of 2012 it was the best movie of 2012.

  46. i have to disagree with all of the following films! i loved all of them! how can you be dissapointed with a single film on this list?

  47. Hey, dude below me in comments, he never said WORST. He said most disappointing. In that sense, he is 100% right.

  48. Maksimsays:

    I agree with TDKR and Prometheus. Haven’t seen the rest.

    Prometheus was probably the most overhyped movie in history of hollywood.

    After Avatar turned out to be a treehugging fairy tale about blue creatures (which I loved by the way, being a vegetarian and all) we were expecting something darker and meaner to come up, but on the same epic level. And it did, and mean it was, and dark, but it also was dumb, a shocking disappointment! Now my hopes are with the director of District 9.

    TDKR was overhyped of course, and it was filled with old tricks, but apparently Nolan knows his public better than they know him, since it scored pretty high. But frankly it felt like a soap opera to me.

  49. Cherry GVsays:

    This looks like a bad attempt to be like

  50. I thought it was great how they managed to intergrate bits from Lord of the Rings and The Unfinished Tales. The Hobbit was originally written for primary-school age kids, and LotR for a more adult audience, and Jackson managed to work it for an audience. I went in with great expectations, and The Hobbit surpassed them all.
    The dislike of elves and all-consuming desire to reclaim the Lonely Mountain was a great set-up for later events, but that falls into *spoiler* territory. I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that it was going to be three movies, since that meant I would have to wait longer, and I was doubtful that they would be able to stretch it so much, but now I’m thrilled at all the extra material that will really satisfy the older audience who want to look deeper.

    I also don’t see what was so bad about Brave.
    A female protagonist and her close second were both Strong Women, and I think that it was great how they managed to show family love over romantic love, especially with Merida NOT getting married like a good little princess, but developing from a rebellious teen into a strong young woman who can admit to and fix her mistakes.
    The idea that boys and girls CAN be just friends was an excellent message, as was the clear, loving partnership between the king and queen, and how communication and seeing other people’s point of view can repair bonds that you thought could never be fixed, and the unexpected, not always good ramifications of hasty choices.

    1. The message. great. the movie . meh

  51. Brave was an AWESOME movie!!! My 4 year old LOVED THE MOVIE!!!! It’s one of his favorites and he definitely has an eye for movies even for someone so young. All that matters is if he likes it. I personally loved the movie as well. There was no way that Brave was disappointing in any way.

  52. Atlassays:

    GREAT dumb article.

  53. duhduhduhhhhhsays:

    so not true

  54. Joesays:

    Really? The Dark Knight Rises… but now i understand anyone who thinks the robotic direction of Micael Mann is genius is not going to be able to recognize a good movie when he sees one.

  55. fasfdgsays:

    Nice, putting TDKR the best movie of the year, as the worst, ur definitely an idiot

  56. nightwolfsays:

    I personally loved Taken 2 but I agree 100% on Prometheus, what a massive letdown, i’ll take Alien 3, Resurrection and both AVP films over it ANY day of the week. I think Scott should seriously consider retiring from directing if this is the best he has to offer.

  57. We got this covered succks!!!!says:

    Go killyourselfs you bunch of morons

  58. Oops! I should have read this b4 I watched BRAVE 5 times. Oh well, now that I know how bad it is, I guess I’ll just have to watch it again.

  59. Darisays:

    DARK KNIGHT?????

    what a fucking joke

  60. Okay, I agree with Brave and Taken 2. And I had little expectations for Prometheus (Seriously, did no one expect it? Has everyone forgotten Ridley Scott’s movie lineup in the last decade?), so there’s not much to say about that. The Hobbit, though, is where you cross the line. At what point will people get over the fact that the three movies are based on one book? Did you even read the book? Most of the lines are fairly vague, so they can easily be expanded into a more detailed narrative, not to mention material from the appendices of The Lord of the Rings. It makes no sense, because you say there’s too much space in the movies for that story, but then say the movie is crammed with too much stuff. How does that make sense?

  61. sarasays:

    I loved Brave, it was gorgeous, made me laugh, cry, say WOW. It was overall a good film. I guess if you pick and choose the standards it “should” adhere to you could find some flaws there. But, overall we loved it as a family and my kids and I watch it again and again.

  62. You Sucksays:

    this list is bs. TDKR was awesome, and so was The Hobbit. You’re desperately in need of a moviecation my friend.

  63. Ecartman12says:

    How on earth does The Dark Knight Rises being dark make it a bad time? It was supposed to feel darker and depressing as the hero has lost and the city falls. The director has balls to make the bad guys win in the middle of the movie. The depression turns in to a happier moment and time when Bruce escapes from the pit.

    1. Banky Moonsays:

      If the director really had balls he would make the bad guys win at the end of the movie. Many action movies have the bad guys seemingly winning at the lowest point in the hero’s arc.

  64. I really like Brave a lot I didn’t find it disappointing at all. But that is just to me

  65. Joshua Millssays:


  66. Ally northsays:

    I think you made a mistake first of all.
    Second my little sisters loved Brave, they could not stope laughing the entier time, even my mom liked it. You have it wrong these are some of the best movies of 2012.
    Never coming to this site again.

  67. Sorry, I have to agree of the movies I saw last year TDKR was the most disappointing to me. It doesn’t mean it is a terrible movie, but it wasn’t at all what I expected (especially after how good the 1st one was and how great TDK was.) I’m a big film fan, action fan, and comic book/graphic novel fan and it just didn’t strike the cord with me that it obviously did a lot of people. If you enjoyed it great I’m happy for you, but I was disappointed. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch it again with lower expectations and see if my opinion changes. Cheers all and hope 2013 is good for everyone.

  68. Ryansays:

    Personally, I have only seen 3 of the 5 mentioned (Hobbit, Prometheus and TDKR) so can only comment for those, but I think that the author is pretty much spot on.
    MASSIVE fan of all the “predecessors” to these films, but I really felt that none of them delivered on the same levels. Though I must add, The Hobbit I can imagine will improve with each film and Prometheus gets much better the more you watch it (as in all honesty, no one can work out what the hell is going on the first time they watch it, thus feeling a little let down).
    TDKR however I felt was the most disappointing of the lot and before people jump to berate me for saying so, let me point out that The Dark Knight is one of my favorite films ever made. I truly believe if you really know and understand what constitutes a good film, you would be in agreement.
    I could sit and write about what I thought was wrong for hours. It’s not the worst film I ever saw by any stretch of the imagination, but there were so, so many weaknesses that crept into it.
    e.g…The loss of realism, the completely unnecessary Catwoman, the terrible, unimaginative way in which Bane dies, the predictability of the story and the dreadful, dreadful ending. All Nolan had to do was end the film 10 seconds earlier and in doing so I believe he would have saved so much face. All you needed was the shot of Alfred and the rest was left up to you. Would have been so much better. Would people seriously disagree with me on that? If you would, I would argue that you love a “Hollywood ending”, where as I personally prefer something more thought provoking, which is EXACTLY what I got from the Dark Knight.
    In fairness, TDKR had a big act to follow, (especially taking Ledgers performance into account, one of my top 5 of all time in any movie) and like I have said to friends on many an occasion when discussing the film, I think I would have enjoyed the film much more had it been the second installment in the franchise and The Dark Knight the final (if you get what I mean).
    So yeah, I’m gonna have to say I am in total agreement with this guy. Each to their own I guess. Roll on Superman…

  69. I didn’t saw 2 of the Movies mentioned, But damn, This site is a friggin liar, what’s next? I Am Legend? Whoever made this is shit

  70. Hgvhchfchvhgsays:

    I can’t believe you put Brave in that, I mean, the hobbit wasn’t very good, neither was the dark night rises, and I’ve never even heard of the other ones, but Brave?? Don’t dis kids movies just coz you’ve gone boring!!

  71. This is dumb batman and the hobbit were great!!! The hobbit fit like two books into one movie and there making another! and batman was amazing one of the best movies of the year leaving suspense and left u in aww for a awhile until a scene with no words only picture dicripts it to you about how eveything worked out an how it summed up 3 hours of movie time in 10 second and did so perfectly

  72. Claudiasays:

    I didn’t agree with you at all! Batman was awesome!! did you want it to be an Oscar deserving movie?? are you and Academy member? this is not like another action heroe’s movie, The whole trilogy rocks and I think it’s getting better and better.
    Excusez mon english.

  73. The Uzsays:

    Let’s just say that the Dark Knight Rises was the best of the three. Taken 2 was brainy, and I enjoyed Prometheus just as much as I thought I would. American Pie Reunion should have been on this list, however :).

  74. sorry dude , but if you think the hobbit to long . then you must have the attention span of a gnat ! well done film , if it had been pared down to 45 minutes as you say it would have been crap ! did you even watch it ?

  75. must have been to much for your limited mental capacity !

  76. Brave was not a bad movie at all. And if you want to compare it to something like monsters inc.(which I actually did think was a little overrated), then just go watch monsters inc. Simple. This list sounds like the complaints of spoiled brat.

  77. zombiehikersays:

    The hobbit was awesome, whoever wrote this article is on crack

  78. Peter D'Hoyesays:

    I completely agree wrt The Hobbit – the film also deviates too much from the book – but I completely disagree about Brave. The amount of detail in the visuals and plot is 100% pixar. One of the best movies they made, loads better than the toy stories which, contrary to your belief, are kids-only movies for me.

  79. Bubbubskysays:

    I will never understand the hate for the Dark Knight Rises. I really liked it.
    The Hobbit, however, WAS a bloated, boring mess of a movie.

  80. DDUBSsays:

    what kind of idiot clown made this list? BIG potential universe’s that were executed VERY WELL. its not easy to make a movie you fat piece of shit. Have you actually WATCHED more than just the big block busters? You clearly do not see the scope of things here. You are just sitting around being a fat spoiled chode, expecting everything to be exactly as the most amazing thing you can imagine…. you watch EVERY FUCKING FILM MADE IN 2012 AND THEN FUKIN TELL ME THAT THE ONES ON THIS LIST WERE THE MOST DISAPPOINTING TO WATCH. You stupid fat fuck.

  81. KillerPoolsays:

    Finally a Reasonable and well judged list! Great job!

  82. Titussays:

    Loved The Hobbit, loved Brave, and I can’t say I agreed with the rest of the selections but man this author’s definitely not trying to win any arguments against people who take on things with a smile or a non-negative disposition.

  83. Kathleensays:

    I think that you are completely off base abt Brave. That was one of the best movies I saw last year. I took my younger brother, who is severely mentally disabled, to it after I had gone to see it by myself. It was completely enjoyable both times. Sometimes it is a real struggle to find movies that I can take him to that I can at least sit through w/o wanting to be sick to my stomach. This movie I would have happily paid to watch in the theater again but we didn’t get a chance to before it left the theaters that I can afford to drive to (Gas costs too d*mn much to drive too far afield) so I bought it for him on DVD for Christmas and if they made a sequel, whether theater release or direct to DVD, I would definitely want to see it.

  84. libbysays:

    is it just me or is this site really stupide?

  85. I thought “Brave” was amazing. It is one of the few children’s movies that I can bear to watch more than once.

  86. Levisays:

    I disagree and believe this is the best movie. Better than LOTR. And so do many many other people. You stink

  87. Jasminesays:

    I agee with #2. Prometheus was the worse movie EVER! It was so dumb…Battleship should have been on there too.

    1. Rickysays:

      Prometheus is the worst movie “EVER!” There are far worse films out there and Battleship can’t be dissapointing becuase no one expected it to be good.

  88. i actually liked brave and yea i thought it would be a bit darker but in the end i liked the message it carried most “princess” movies are about finding the prince she actually separates herself and the movie puts the importance on family not the prince

  89. >:(says:

    This is totally wrong, “The Hobbit” Was an awesome movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” was an awesome movie, whoever wrote this, it a stupid bitch

    1. You probably aren’t recognizing the problems because you don’t watch enough movies or understand story structure. I haven’t seen hobbit, but The Dark Knight Rises is good on a surface level, but once really examine it it’s actually pretty dumb

      1. ICreatedUsays:

        True. And the Hobbit was a joke too. No way the movie would have reached 1 billion world wide if it wasn’t irrationally based on Jackson’s dying hype gained through TLOTR trilogy. Based on the movie itself and nothing else, it shouldn’t have passed 2-300 mio word wide.
        It reminds of Django, exactly the same phenomenon: albeit being a terrible weak story, the movie made huge w/w business [430mio] just based on Tarantino’s household name and the fact Inglorious Basterds was a success, critically and commercially. Tarantino went from Masterpiece to master piss.
        On a side note, Christopher Waltz’s first Oscar was undoubtedly deserved, but as for the reason of the second one, it remains a mystery to me.

      2. Actually I sort of love The Hobbit it’s a little dumbed down from the originals, but as someone who didn’t get the originals it was a perfect experience.

        And I think Waltz was good, but his character was no where as interesting as his character in Inglorious Basterds

  90. messrlokisays:

    Brave is not a disappointment. Disney finally came out with a mother/daughter movie that showed good role models for children. Just because it didn’t stick to your absurd princess standards does not mean it was lacking,

  91. no. more. batman movies. please.

  92. Nobodysays:

    I never seen Hobbit or Taken. To me The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t disappointing at all. It was the third movie and even worse the movie to end the series. Rarely do those movies go well because they have to make it big aka the bomb in Gotham. However The Dark Knight was a bad movie. That movie purely rested on the Jokers shoulders. The only reason you watch The Dark Knight is for the Joker, overall that movie was really bad. Prometheus was really good, however I didn’t see the trailer for that. But considering it was an Alien movie it really outshined my expectations because I wasn’t going to watch it. However I totally agree with way to many questions being asked and not being answered which really disappointed me but hey they have a second movie but Prometheus was surprisingly good. I agree with Brave. Brave was advertised as some girl breaking out of her feminine bonds and becoming some hero. However the movie had nothing to do with that, it was about a girl with family issues who later actually screwed the family over and had to fix it. I got really hyped to see Brave and was sorely let down. However Brave was an overall bad movie.

  93. maaaansays:

    How is TDKR the most disappointing?

  94. Brave was a great movie. Just because it was made for children doesn’t mean it was for children!! I loved it!!

  95. Artsays:

    All of this stupid each of these movies were good

  96. cacasays:

    Brave is the only dissapointment…

  97. Man it must suck be such an asshole. Brave and Prometheus were good films. Batman was far from the biggest dissapoinment. But you’re racking up the page views. Yay for advertisting I guess.

  98. You lost all your credibility with “per say”.

  99. Xolodnyjsays:

    There was going to be no doubt that the Dark Knight Rises was going to suffer a bit because Heath Ledger performance was magnificent and had made the previous movie. But i wouldn’t put it in one of the top 5 disappointments of 2012. It has a very remember Anne Hatchaway as catwoman and the wondefulr Marion Cotillard.

  100. Batmansays:


  101. teenj12says:

    Are you serious about Brave? I went and saw it and I LOVED it. My mom took my little sister to see it and even my mom thought it was amazing.

  102. Drithiensays:

    I think that the author of this article missed the entirety of Hobbit’s intent as a movie trilogy, which was not just to transfer the story of the book to movie form, but also take viewers for a nice ride through Middle-Earth. It’s suspposed to be a classic adventure, much smaller in scope than LOTR, and intentionally so, that it can take the time to deal with the little things in Tolkien’s world. A relaxed pace and an exploratory approach is what these movies need and strive for. So if someone wants to enjoy them he should stop trying to see when the next big action set-piece or drama-filled scene will come, and just enjoy the journey. People having so little patience and such small appreciation for just fun and relaxed movies is quite sad.Can’t you enjoy something unless it doesn’t require your attention for more than a few seconds?

  103. Drithiensays:

    I think that the author of this article missed the entirety of Hobbit’s intent as a movie trilogy, which was not just to transfer the story of the book to movie form, but also take viewers for a nice ride through Middle-Earth. It’s suspposed to be a classic adventure, much smaller in scope than LOTR, and intentionally so, that it can take the time to deal with the little things in Tolkien’s world. A relaxed pace and an exploratory approach is what these movies need and strive for. So if someone wants to enjoy them he should stop trying to see when the next big action set-piece or drama-filled scene will come, and just enjoy the journey. People having so little patience and such small appreciation for just fun and relaxed movies is quite sad.Can’t you enjoy something unless it doesn’t require your attention for more than a few seconds?

  104. Joseph Msays:

    I think Taken belongs on the bad list, but the other 4 are perfectly good films. That said, Damien Lindelof is a wildly overrated writer.

  105. sigzerosays:

    Brave was an awesome flick.

  106. Nightwingsays:

    Screw you whoever wrote this article. The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie of all time. SO is the Hobbit.

  107. Nathaniel Poesays:

    “Pre se.” The phrase you wanted was “per se.” There is no such phrase as “per say.” You write for a living; you should know better. Words matter.

  108. Nathaniel Poesays:

    “Pre se.” The phrase you wanted was “per se.” There is no such phrase as “per say.” You write for a living; you should know better. Words matter.

  109. Zaeema Khansays:

    Brave was truly such a HUGE disappointment….. I was very very unsatisfied by the story and the characters as well. it lacked in every aspect, it just didnt have the substance of a woman centered Disney classic like Mulan, The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast. Merida lacked to the fullest and there appeared to be no twists at all!!

  110. John Taylorsays:

    I liked Brave. The Hobbit? No need to go see it. I remember the excellent animated version done decades ago.

  111. John Taylorsays:

    Oh yeah, on the others. You can;t be disappointed if you don’t care.

  112. Daimyo Shisays:

    You are crazy, you going to some how convince me that Brave wasn’t better than Cars? Seriously? It is a great movie, it has a great group of characters, an amazing score, and a majestic background.

  113. wweashleysays:

    -_- I don’t agree with this list at all

  114. Neilpfsays:

    What is disappointing is that I was suckered into read this tripe. The is no accounting for the “BAD” taste reviewers have.

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