4 Comic Book Movies That Had Huge Plot Holes


Everyone knows that comic book movies are the pinnacle of logical storytelling, but even these tales of masked crime fighters, diabolical villains and talking raccoons occasionally fall victim to that most dreaded of pitfalls… the plot hole. These can range from illogical events to impossible occurrences that contradict events from earlier in the overall story line. Even the lack of a suitable explanation can be perceived as a gap in logic and therefore take the viewer out of the movie experience entirely.

Obviously, super powers are technically impossible, although anyone who sat through Hercules last year must surely have some kind of special ability, but comic book movies still need to hold an internal logic for them to work. Unfortunately, many of our favorite superhero films suffer from gaping plot holes which can be difficult to overlook. The problem with this is that once you’ve spotted a plot hole in your favorite comic book movie, your view of that film is forever altered. There’s no going back. Game over, man!

Some would argue that you’re better off not knowing these plot holes, as they can unravel a film’s entire logic with one simple insight, but I bet you can’t resist knowing them, right? RIGHT!? Thought so.

So, join us as we ruin four of your favorite comic book movies by throwing the spotlight on their gaping plot holes.