4 Comic Book Movies That Had Huge Plot Holes


5) Guardians of the Galaxy – Why Wasn’t the Orb Collected Earlier?

Months after Marvel shocked audiences worldwide with Guardians of the Galaxy’s phenomenal success, the movie still continues to surprise us. Superhero films tend to be ignored around award season, but Guardians received a surprise nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay from the influential Writers Guild of America, facing competition from the likes of Gone Girl and The Imitation Game. However, while there is much to commend in James Gunn’s and Nicole Perlman’s script, some gaping plot holes can still be found within the movie.

The first sequence in Guardians of the Galaxy instantly set the tone of the film, following Star-Lord as he danced around alien ruins on his quest to steal the orb. It’s easily one of the most gripping openings seen yet in a superhero movie, but the humor distracted audiences from one crucial plot hole: Why didn’t someone just steal the orb earlier? This one stone can destroy entire worlds, yet it seems that everyone waited until the beginning of the movie to finally think about stealing it for themselves.

It also seems strange that the orb is so easy to collect. All Star-Lord had to do was a bit of karoake and kick down a door to obtain one of the most powerful weapons in the entire universe. They could have at least stationed a bumbling guard outside the door or even thrown in a puzzle or two, Labyrinth style. Seriously. If Thanos couldn’t even manage to grab the least protected orb in the entire universe, fans have zero chance of ever seeing the Infinity Gauntlet on screen.

Future Avengers sequels may turn out to be way more boring than we originally thought…

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