5 Horror Films Arriving In 2015 That We Can’t Wait For



It would probably be fair to say that pretty much everyone got something out of the horror genre in 2014. For the film buffs and critics there was The Babadook and Willow Creek. For those loving slow-burning chillers there was Under the Skin and The Guest. For those seeking a slice of jet-black comedy with their main course of gore there was Life After Beth and Horns. And for those who harbored schlock Z-movie horror as a guilty pleasure – there was, er, Zombeavers.

2015 also saw some of the big guns weigh in with new doses of bloodshed – including Eli Roth returning with The Green Inferno, and Ti West’s The Sacrament – and a fresh, sinister franchise apparently emerged with the release of the dread-dominated Oculus back in the summer. Even a couple of independent gory gems like Nurse were unearthed.

Of course, there were many disappointments as well. Anyone who found the old-school scares of The Conjuring so delightfully creepy will have undoubtedly remained utterly unmoved by its spin-off prequel Annabelle, whereas the likes of Ouija and the head-slappingly stupid Leprechaun: Origins proved to be about as scary as a cuddly rabbit licking your fingertips.

So, what does 2015 offer for horror fans? Here at We Got This Covered, we’ve amassed a list of five key films to look out for. On paper, there’s plenty of reason to get excited about this year’s releases – with productions from Guillermo Del Toro, Rob Zombie, and Franck Khalfoun all tearing their way onto screens over the course of the calendar.

Read on for 5 horror films that we simply cannot wait to check out.

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