5 Awesome Horror Movies That Deserve A Sequel

The Shining

Halloween may be over, but as the long winter nights draw in, now is the perfect time to wrap up warm and watch some classic horror movies. The problem is, there’s far too many to choose from. Horror movies are relatively cheap to produce, so when a scary film does makes money at the box office, studios go crazy and order up twenty-eight more installments within the next ten minutes.

Although I may be exaggerating somewhat, it’s true that many of the best horror movies of all time have lost some of their impact due to extreme franchising. The iconic Halloween series has produced eight sequels alone and Friday the 13th has had twelve installments so far, including a lackluster remake which we’re still trying our best to forget, even now.

Every so often though, a great horror movie comes along that receives love from the fans, but fails to generate enough interest from the studio to warrant a sequel. Whether this is down to poor performance at the box office or simply that the team involved don’t believe a sequel is necessary, these horror flicks stand alone with all of their untapped potential still intact.

Of course, there are many horror movies out there that don’t deserve a sequel and often, franchising these movies can bleed the original premise dry, but the 5 awesome horror movies on this list all have a story that’s still worth telling. Don’t believe us? Turn the lights down, grab some popcorn and prepare to get freaked out by our five proposed sequel ideas. Whether you agree and would love to see these sequels made or whether you believe that these ideas would ruin classic movies, let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the end.