7 Things You Need To See In The Final Logan Trailer

7) Logan And Laura Go Shopping

Laura Kinney Logan

The second trailer begins on a fun, low-key scene where Dafne Keen’s Laura helps herself to some pringles and sunglasses from a gas station store. When the attendant tries to stop her, Laura nonchalantly flips him over and almost kills him… until Logan arrives in time to stop her and tell her off. Though not before he snatches up some cigars for the road.

It’s probably a coincidence, but this brings to mind a similar scene from Netflix’s Stranger Things where Eleven, a similarly super-powered child, uses her telekinetic abilities to steal some food from a supermarket. Seeing as that show was partially inspired by X-Men comics, it makes sense for an X-Men movie to return the favour.

It’s also worth mentioning that the inclusion of a working gas station suggests that Logan‘s setting isn’t as post-apocalyptic as we’d previously expected. The film’s main location on the Mexican border made it seem like the world was now little more than a Mad Max-esque desolate wasteland, but it looks like it’s actually in pretty decent shape.