5 Leaked/Unproduced Superhero Movie Scripts That You Need To Check Out


After watching a new, enjoyable film, I very often tend say to myself: “Hey, this movie was fantastic, I liked it a lot – I wonder what the screenplay is like!”, after which I go about it and scour through the mystical, seemingly endless depths of the Internet, desperately trying to get my hands on as much Courier-styled text as I possibly can. Because while a script might not be as entertaining as the film itself (hopefully), I do really enjoy seeing the story in text form.

But, do you know what’s even more entertaining than seeing the script your favourite movie is made from? Seeing an entirely new script! A script that hasn’t been made into a film at all. A whole new story. Let me repeat that – a whole new story you haven’t seen yet!

The good thing about this Internet era we all live in is that while it might sometimes cause headache to the studios and filmmakers in the form of leaks, a script for an abandoned project does not necessarily never see the light of day. While the movie might never be made, people can still see and enjoy the story. The story that didn’t, for some reason, make it to the silver screen.


And when I say leaked script, no, I don’t mean a script that made its way to the Internet prior to the film’s release. What this article is about are scripts that studios decided not to make. Scripts that didn’t make it at all or got re-written and changed up entirely.

While I might not directly link you to the following screenplays, don’t lose hope – you should have no problem finding every single one of them yourself. If you are new to this environment, and you don’t know where to look, consider this: that Google thingy is a good place to start.

So, on that note, here are the top five scripts for unproduced, never-made superhero movies that have leaked onto the Internet for you to read. And trust us, you really should read them.