5 Movie Sequels That We’re Dreading This Year



As we begin a new year, it’s important to start on a positive note, adopting an optimistic outlook on the movies that will be released over the coming twelve months. In an industry now dominated by sequels and franchises, it’s exciting to note that many of these upcoming films actually have the potential to be awesome. The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron alone has excited fanboys more than the leaked nude pics of Jennifer Lawrence, and we also have new installments of the Hunger Games, Jurassic Park and Star Wars franchises to salivate over.

It’s easy to forget though that we haven’t always lived in a golden age of sequels and even now, there are still plenty of franchises which exist purely to line studio pockets, stretching out stories that should have already come to an end long ago. As long as the demand exists though, Hollywood will continue to pump out lifeless sequels, praying at the altar of money and blandness. Can’t convince the original actors to return? Recast with cheap and usually talentless unknowns. The original filmmaker wants nothing to do with this travesty of a sequel? Just sign up someone who has worked in special effects or commercials before. They’ll know exactly how to deliver what the fans want.

Although there are some great sequels lined up for 2015, it unfortunately appears that this year will also include its fair share of terrible follow-up films. Join us then as we discuss five movie sequels that we’re dreading to see in cinemas over the next twelve months. In case you’re wondering how I know these sequels will be terrible… don’t. Some things are just not meant to be questioned.

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