5 Movies To See In April

Evil Dead

Horror fans have been excited for Fede Alvarez’s remake of The Evil Dead basically since it was announced. Excitement began to build when the first Evil Dead trailer hit the web, but when the second red band trailer dropped, the internet blew up with ecstatic horror giddiness and rumours about the contents of the film.

Few people are more excited than my co-writer Matt Donato though, who wrote a whole list of reasons why you should share his excitement. I won’t go into the depth he did about the film, but to summarize it, you should be very excited.

As if the trailers aren’t enough of a reason to be looking forward to the film, just look at the response from SXSW. Our review is very positive, as is most every other. This looks to be one of the premiere horror films of this year, with only a few possible others that could possibly contend for the title, and we’ve still got a few months until any of those hit theatres. So if you’re looking to see a great horror flick, Evil Dead is your best bet.

Evil Dead hits theaters April 5. Deadite or not, you should be there.