6 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


With so much talk of Star Wars recently, it’s easy to forget the upcoming batch of blockbusters that will make their debut in theaters next year. Among those is the highly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which, unlike The Force Awakens, has probably already revealed too much. The trailers are swarmed with plot details and while it’s all still very exciting, it’s hard not to be a bit speculative.

The mixed reactions to Man of Steel already put the movie in the arena of being “cautiously excited” for, and very little of that cautious excitement is probably for Superman. Batman, after all, does get top billing this time around.

Then, of course, there’s Wonder Woman, who makes her big screen debut here. And while these things are all worthy of anticipation, they’re also reasons to be a tad pessimistic.

Here’s 6 reasons why.