6 Reasons To Be Skeptical Of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

6) Too Much Has Already Been Revealed

Batman v Superman 3

As mentioned, the creators behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens did a pretty great job of keeping key plot and character details under wraps. There are some significant aspects of the story that could have easily been spoiled for audiences had the creators been less careful. Then there’s the fact that audiences and critics alike have been unnaturally respectful of those who haven’t seen the movie. That kind of devotion is what Star Wars means to people.

That same kind of appreciation won’t be found in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, nor will we even be given the chance. So much about the movie has already been revealed that it’s a wonder anyone is even surprised by anything anymore.


We know why Batman hates Superman, we know the superhero cameos that will be made, we know the villains (for the most part), we can probably easily guess their motivations, we know that Superman is leading some sort of army (we don’t exactly know why but who cares at this point), we know that Batman dons the armored suit in a battle with Superman…overall, we know the basic plot of the movie and could probably predict what will happen.

In fact, in the last full-length trailer, Batman and Superman are fighting and have already made up by the end of the trailer in time to fight the villain Doomsday. At this point, we’re anticipating the movie because we think we have to, for the name alone.