4 Inferior Talking Vehicle Movies Sure To Follow Disney’s Planes


With Disney’s Cars spin-off/rip-off Planes hitting theaters this month, and a sequel called Planes: Fire & Rescue already in the works for next year, it seems that the talking vehicle craze in animation won’t be going away anytime soon.

Like it or not, adults, anthropomorphic vehicles have always been a part of animation, from the earlier Mickey Mouse cartoons to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? to Pixar’s popular Cars franchise. And with Planes debuting last week, it seems obvious that studio heads are exploring other options than talking cars, and for good reason: there’s a whole array of vehicles that could be given animated makeovers and funny accents to help Disney make box office gold.

Don’t believe us? Check out We Got This Covered’s list of four talking vehicle movies that could be hitting theaters later this decade if Planes really takes off at the box office (pun intended). Of course, you’ll have to use your own imagination to add some Disney animation dazzle to our pictures. And we’ve included some truly awful taglines for your viewing pleasure, because surely we weren’t the only ones disappointed that all DisneyToons could come up with for Planes was “From above the world of Cars.