4 Inferior Talking Vehicle Movies Sure To Follow Disney’s Planes

1. Trains


Cheesy tagline: On track to their destiny.

Potential plot: Set in a parallel world to Cars, Trains would follow a world-renowned high-speed bullet train named Fast-Track Max who is derailed after a competition with his friends. Resigned to never racing on the tracks again, Max retreats to the shipyards, only to discover that his speedy nature makes him a natural freight train. After a few readjustments from friends he makes along the way, including a kindly railroad crane, Max sets out to become the best freight train he can be, only to face competition from an intimidating veteran container train named Hauler.

2. Boats


Cheesy tagline: The greatest journey of all maritime.

Potential plot: A quiet sailboat named Marina embarks on a rescue mission when she witnesses the villainous Masked Mast boat gang kidnapping a baby rowboat in belief that he knows the location of a treasure-laden shipwreck. She’s joined by two rambunctious jet-skis, Skipper and Tidal, on a quest that takes her through mighty storms, dangerous whirlpools, and perilously shallow waters before bringing her to the place where all boats fear to sail: the Bermuda Triangle.