5 Things Jared Leto Could Bring To His Role As The Joker In Suicide Squad

2) Raw Energy


A villain needs raw energy coursing through their veins in order to succeed on screen, and from what we’ve seen of Leto so far, it appears he may bring it in abundance to his role as The Joker.

Leto’s third act performance in Darren Aronvosky’s harrowing tale of addiction, Requiem For A Dream, is a terrific example of the actor’s ability to portray a man completely out of his mind: conveying panic, desperation and anger with admirable aplomb. The Joker might not be dependent on illegal substances like Leto’s character in Requiem, but he is the owner of a similarly haunted mind nonetheless.

The Joker is a role that requires raw, pulsing energy from beginning to end, and Leto looks like he’s more than capable of bringing this to the table for Suicide Squad. The question remains whether this will make for a great portrayal, or one that’s kinetic enough to induce motion sickness in audience members.