5 Underrated Actors Who Don’t Get Enough Credit


5) Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo reeks of raw likeablity, so much so that it’s easy to take his performances for granted. Unlike many on this list, Ruffalo has been nominated for his fair share of major awards (including an Oscar, which he lost to Christian Bale), but has never picked one up. Ruffalo always brings a life and a vibrancy to his characters, be it as Leonardo DiCaprio’s sidekick in Shutter Island (a difficult part perfectly realised), or through the neurotic mannerisms he uses to nail Bruce Banner with in The Avengers.

As it stands, Ruffalo doesn’t hold much cultural significance and isn’t very well-known amongst wide audiences. A misdemeanor for sure, considering how great an actor he is. A truly underrated performer, let’s hope future Avengers movies bring him a touch more virtue.

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