5 Underrated Actors Who Don’t Get Enough Credit


4) Giovanni Ribisi

Still probably best-known as Phoebe’s goofy brother in Friends (those reruns will kill you, huh?), Giovanni Ribisi has been putting in consecutively excellent performances since 1997’s Saving Private Ryan, where he played medic Wade. Despite the fact that he’s been good in everything, Ribisi has never been nominated for a major award. And he’s an extremely unselfish actor, completely lacking an ego and willing to play each part the way it works best.

Take Lost In Translation, for example, in which he plays Scarlett Johansson’s vacant but well-meaning husband. It’s such a natural performance that it’s easy to overlook, but Ribisi nails it, making John a human being – despite the fact he only appears on screen for less than 15 minutes.

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