Radiation Hazard: 5 Absurd Plot Holes In Elysium


I want to make things clear. I did not and have not watched Neill Blomkamp’s District 9. There, I said it. As much of a science fiction fanatic as I am, I admit to never have seen the film many believe to be instrumental in the future of science fiction films. Perhaps I will see it someday, but for now, and for this article, I believe it puts me in a desirable position to critique Elysium.

To truly view a film for what it is, you have to remain neutral, and not let anything outside the film influence your thinking. With that said, I really enjoyed Elysium and was surprised at how well done and captivating it was. The pacing was magnificent with just enough to get your adrenaline going, but not peaking, until the climax. I only mention these positive aspects because I’m about to tear the film to shreds.

One of the most important things when writing science fiction is to create a consistent world with rules that govern themselves. It needs to be believable, empathic, and (oddly enough) logical. Suspension of belief takes a huge role for the audience because we are forced to forget the practicality of our current world and transfer ourselves into this foreign one. A huge habitat in outer space? No questions asked. An attachable exoskeleton being drilled into someone? Psh, whatever. Even a panacea-like medical pod? No one bats an eye.

However, as with every science fiction film, there are some things that are simply too bizarre,or too lousy, to forgive. Things that make the audience question the world, which momentarily breaks the immersion into a film. The following are five points that made me break back into reality when watching Elysium, if only for a few seconds.

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