5 Ways Jurassic World Sets Itself Up For Sequels


5) Omar Sy And The Raptor Squad

jurassic world 23

French actor Omar Sy had a small role in Jurassic World as Chris Pratt’s fellow raptor trainer Barry. He doesn’t get much screen time, but is established as a typical Hollywood alpha male hero and actually manages to survive the film’s third-act raptor/Indominus action sequence. That, and the character’s relationship with Pratt’s, cleverly sets him up for a sequel.

Based on how much groundwork for raptor training this film managed to establish, it’s safe to say that the concept will return for the next entry in the franchise. We know that Pratt will return (he’s already signed on for sequels), so I wouldn’t be surprised if Barry tags along as well and helps with whatever sort of raptor squad missions our new franchise hero goes on.

Trevorrow mentioned in an interview with Empire last year that he wanted to establish “a relationship [between Barry and Owen] that could be more memorable and potentially carry on to future films.” The Barry/Owen bromance was sidelined in favor of dinosaur-on-dinosaur action, so it wasn’t as memorable as Trevorrow had hoped, but hey, that’s what sequels are for, right?

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