6 Brutal Fight Scenes That Will Make You Cringe


Have you ever punched anyone in the face? I know that seems like a very Fight Club-ish way to open this article, but it is a fair question for the territory we are about to tread in.

Have you ever felt how cathartic it is to slam your fist into someone’s face at high-speeds? I don’t mean just punching someone randomly in the face (as that is cowardly and fucking stupid), but I mean the feeling of gratification you get when you pummel someone who has done you wrong on some level. The way your hands hurt as you can feel them cracking against the bones in the other person’s face? The way your sweat drips down into your eyes but you can’t wipe it because that will leave you open? The feeling of splintering someone’s bones against the ground as you whittle their face slowly into a pile of mangled meat and teeth fragments? The way their sobs of “stop” slowly become a slurred jumble of sounds they can barely whimper out of the bleeding mouth hole on their face? The shock and awe of the on-lookers as they realize you just beat a man to death?

Yeah, me neither. Which is why a list of scenes like this is so needed. Because people like us can live vicariously through them without any of the repercussions normally associated with such actions.

So on that note, here are 6 bone-splintering fight scenes. And no, I didn’t include anything with Bruce Lee, because that would have been way too easy.