6 Of The Most Awesome Geek Moments From Comic Book Movies


Half of us who are already comic book fans just go to these movies secretly waiting for geek moments. Those are the moments when a comic book movie drops in an Easter egg or a reference that just make the nerds and fanboys go crazy. While most of us are blissfully aware that comic book movies rarely do the source material justice, the little geek moments that pop up in these films make it well worth it for us geeks. These movies don’t need to be perfect re-tellings of the comic book. Just give us a nod and at least let us know that you “get it.”

The other great thing about “geek moments” is that they are not defined by one moment. Something as simple as the camera panning by a costume on a desk or a symbol on a wall somewhere can do it. Geek moments are unique to each film they are in, and you can often tell which moments are there for the geeks by the weird little squeals that fanboys let out when these scenes happen. Gives it away every damn time.

So, on that note, here are 6 awesome geek moments from movies that I thought totally kicked ass.