6 Characters Who Most Definitely Shouldn’t Appear In The Batman


As of right now, we know very little about what to expect from Ben Affleck’s The Batman. It’s already been confirmed that the Caped Crusader will take on Deathstroke, but beyond that, we really have no idea what the story will entail or which familiar faces from the DC Extended Universe will show up in the highly anticipated release.

Fans understandably have a very long list of heroes and villains they’d like to see in the movie, with names like Catwoman, the Red Hood and the Joker among those which are most frequently mentioned. However, which of the Dark Knight’s supporting cast and enemies shouldn’t show up a few years from now?

While you may not think that anyone from the comic books should be left off the table, there are some who definitely need to be kept out of The Batman for the good of both this movie and the DC Extended Universe as a whole. We’ll explain why that is below, and though these folks could potentially show up somewhere down the line, it really shouldn’t be for quite a while…