6 Comedies Featuring Awesome Female Relationships To Watch On Netflix



It’s never easy deciding what to watch. With a plethora of films available on even a single streaming service and new movies being added every month, even the most dedicated cinephiles among us have difficulty making a choice, never mind making it a good one.

To assist our readers with choosing an awesome film, each week I’ll bring you six high-class selections available on Netflix Watch Instant to indulge your insatiable need for streaming options. Last week we brought you some period dramas, and this week we’re looking at some comedies with awesome female relationships.

Bromances are a sub-genre unto themselves, but what about films that show equally loving friendships between women? There are too few of those to go around, so when we do come across movies that feature funny, awesome, and occasionally caustic female relationships, something should be said about them.

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