6 Comedies Featuring Awesome Female Relationships To Watch On Netflix

1) 9 To 5 


9 to 5 is one of those films that gets unfairly lambasted, presumably by people who can’t see past the 80s hairstyles. But one deep breath and about fifteen minutes into it and you will understand why this movie should be considered a classic.

Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Dolly Parton play employees who are saddled with the world’s most sexist and hypocritical boss (a brilliant and disgusting Dabney Coleman). The three women become friends and, during a marijuana-fueled evening of female-bonding, begin to fantasize about how they would do away with their jerk of a boss.


As fantasy begins to seep into everyday life, things get more complicated, and the ladies gain some much needed control over the running of the corporation.

9 to 5 does more than just pay lip-service to feminism: it takes the female experience of the workplace and turns it to comedic effect. But central to the fun are the three women whose friendship and support transcends stereotypes. The women are badasses, through and through – and very funny to boot.

Don’t believe the lies that get spouted about this film: see it for yourself.