6 Must-See DC Animated Movies


6) Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)


In an attempt to sell more copies and anger feminists everywhere, DC chose to use Superman and Batman’s names in the title of this movie, even though Supergirl is clearly the most important character. Misnomers aside though, Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is a shining example of how to handle the characterization of the DC Trinity with nuance and respect for the source material, playing each of the iconic heroes off against one another as they clash on how to deal with Supergirl’s appearance on Earth.

The story begins with Supergirl crash landing in Gotham City, causing havoc as she loses control over her new-found abilities. After Superman and Batman fight over how to integrate Kara into society, Wonder Woman convinces them both that Supergirl belongs with her on Themyscira, where she can be trained to control her strength. Meanwhile, Darkseid has other plans for the Kyptonian on the planet Apokolips…

Based on Michael Turner’s beautiful artwork, the animation for Superman/Batman: Apocalypse is stunning and Summer Glau’s voice acting for the role of Kara fits seamlessly with the rest of the regular cast, but what guaranteed the film a spot on this list is that final battle. After Darkseid promises to allow the heroes to leave Apokolips unharmed, he ambushes Superman and Supergirl on a trip to the Kent farm in Smallville, leading to one colossal fight between the three which will literally blow your mind.

If Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice can capture a fraction of what this final scene achieves, we could be in for the best superhero movie of all time. Take note Snyder…

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