6 Unexpected Directors Who Could Easily Helm The Flash Movie


The Flash

After being hired to write and direct The Flash last October, it was revealed late last month that Seth Grahame-Smith had parted ways with Warner Bros. over creative differences. Nothing more specific has been revealed in regards to what exactly happened, but the trades have since reported that the studio is hoping to find a more experienced filmmaker to take the helm of the Scarlet Speedster’s solo outing.

It’s easy to understand why they’re reluctant to take too many risks with their DC Comics properties after the mixed (mostly negative?) response to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice back in March, and with some pretty major behind the scenes changes seemingly taking place every week, the status of The Flash currently remains up in the air.


As far as we know, this and every other previously announced DC Films movie is still happening, but Warner Bros. needs a reliable director to make the Speedster’s standalone flick the best it possibly can be. After all, Batman V Superman‘s producers were quick to say that The Flash would have the “fun” that Snyder’s movie lacked, and we’re hoping they deliver on that promise.

So, with all that in mind, what you’ll find here are six directors who would be perfect to take the helm of the movie following Grahame-Smith’s departure. However, rather than the same old names who keep popping up on similar lists, we’ve put together a group of filmmakers who don’t instantly spring to mind when thinking about the Fastest Man Alive, but who definitely have the potential to deliver amazing results.

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