6 Genuinely Scary Movie Scenes


It’s fun to be scared. No, really, it is one of the few emotions that remind us we still have a heartbeat. That feeling of anxiousness growing in your chest when you know something f*cked up is about to happen in a movie is the same feeling you get when that massive roller coaster you are on is slowly climbing up to its first drop. You know it’s coming, you know it is going to be intense, but you also know there is nothing you can do but buckle in and enjoy the ride.

While a list of genuinely scary moments may seem sort of general, there’s more to this article than just that. It’s important to realize that nowadays, horror movies just aren’t that scary. That is not to insult the slew of awesome horror that is still coming out, month after month, but to say it has been “scary” would be a stretch.

But, let us not forget, there are still some very scary movie scenes in existence, so let us not think that the idea of a movie scaring us is extinct. It just doesn’t happen all that often anymore.

So, on that note, let’s take a look back at 6 genuinely scary movie scenes.