6 Reasons Harrison Ford Should Get An Oscar Nod For Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Harrison Ford – actor, pilot, notorious grumpus – has never won an Oscar. Allow that to sink in for a moment, as you think back to the many less deserving peope that have taken a prize before he’s even come close (Cuba Gooding Jr, anyone?). Ford has been nominated before – once, for Best Actor for Witness – but has won absolute bupkis from the Academy Awards in all his years as a movie star.

There were no nominations for Indiana Jones or The Fugitive, nor for his less blockbustery, more dramatic turns, in The Mosquito Coast or Presumed Innocent. And not ever for playing Han Solo. Well, now is the Academy’s chance: Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out and has just made it in for Oscar eligibility, right at the tail-end of the year, while Ford is happily drawing praise for his fourth run at the bat as Solo.


Does Ford deserve the win? Perhaps not – Mark Rylance looks likely to be the one to take home the prize for his stunning turn in Bridge of Spies – but he’s at the least a worthwhile candidate for the nomination.

So, without further ado, are six reasons why Harrison Ford should be part of the Best Supporting Actor conversation for playing Han Solo. Of course, spoilers for The Force Awakens will follow.

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