6 Reasons Why Logan Has Ruined Wolverine Going Forward


After years of promises and failed attempts, we finally received the Wolverine film we deserved in the shape of James Mangold’s Logan back in March. Not only was it an R-rated, bloody affair – much in line with the character’s true nature – but it was also a mighty fine movie that could turn out to be the superhero flick of 2017. Heck, it might even end up as the best film of the year when all things are said and done.

With all the accolades and praise, it’s fair to say that Mangold delivered a more than satisfying conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s final run as the clawed mutant. In case you didn’t know by now, the Australian actor has vowed that this was his last time as Wolvie and the X-Men producers have said they won’t be recasting the character in the near future. But if there’s one thing that we’ve learned about Hollywood, it’s to never believe anything that actors or studios say. It’s normally all lies to sell the current project, so don’t write off Jackman coming back again or the role being recast as soon as next month.

Whether this is the end of the road for Wolverine, or he’s brought back later on, there’s one thing that’s for sure: Logan has ruined the character forever. Hold up. Before you get into a huff and puff about this statement, though, please be sure to read the article, starting on the next page, for our full explanation. It makes sense, we promise.

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