6 Reasons Why Spider-Man Is The Best Thing In Captain America: Civil War

6) It May Be The Best Cinematic Interpretation Of The Character Yet


There’s nothing revolutionary about the new MCU Spider-Man. If you’ve seen the previous Spidey movies, you’ve already got the gist: teenager gets bitten by radioactive spider, begins displaying arachnid-like abilities, becomes Spider-Man the avenging crimefighter.

What makes this new version of the webslinger interesting though isn’t that he’s doing anything new. It’s that Marvel Studios has taken the formula already developed over five Spider-movies and, seemingly, perfected it.

What’s perhaps most surprising about Spider-Man 3.0 is that he arrives fully-formed as a character. Civil War doesn’t introduce him or explain his origins all over again, because it doesn’t need to – we’ve seen it all before. So, through effortless character writing and Tom Holland’s performance, we’re instead given a real sense of who this already-active superhero is.

There’s the humor of Andrew Garfield’s Parker and the wide-eyed dorkiness of Tobey Maguire’s, while Holland adds a neurotic chatterbox element as well. Put it all together and, already, this feels like the best Spider-Man yet.