7 Reasons Why Warcraft: The Beginning Will Actually Be The End Of The Franchise


It’s rare these days to see a Hollywood blockbuster that isn’t designed to be franchise-starting material. Rarely just movies in and of themselves, modern blockbusters often use a portion of their runtime to tease the viewer with the promise of a sequel. Warcraft: The Beginning is no exception: the climax of Duncan Jones’ fantasy epic couldn’t more blatantly set the groundwork for a follow-up.

The film probably shouldn’t be quite so sure about its chances of going to series, however. Warcraft, confidently subtitled The Beginning, is almost certainly not the start, but actually the end of a planned franchise. Yes, you read that right. After having seen the film, we really can’t imagine a sequel going forward, and here are seven reasons why the Warcraft movie series is already dead in the water.