6 Things We Definitely Need To See In The Dark Tower

6) The Rose

Dark Tower Rose

The significance of the rose in The Dark Tower novels is sometimes a little muddled, but what we do know is that it’s the other nexus of reality separate from the Tower. If it were to be destroyed (something The Crimson King, The Man in Black and their disciples want to make happen), the Tower would collapse and reality would be destroyed, so protecting it is essential. Roland and his ka-tet go to all sorts of different methods to do that it in the books, and having that also be the case on the big screen would be good for a number of reasons.


For starters, it gives the hero an excuse to visit present day New York (an interesting contrast to Mid-World), while some clever viral marketing for the movie has already shown how visually distinctive that rose – which is dusky pink on the outside, fierce red on the inside and has a centre as yellow as the sun – will be in live-action.