6 Things We Definitely Need To See In The Dark Tower

4) The Drawing Of The Three

Drawing of the Three

It’s already been confirmed that Eddie and Susannah won’t factor into The Dark Tower, but director Nikolaj Arcel has expressed a desire to introduce them in a follow-up should this first instalment perform well enough. However, just because these two key members of Roland’s ka-tet won’t show up here, that doesn’t mean we can’t at least get some sort of tease about their existence.


For starters, we should definitely see characters using doors to travel between realities, as that alone lays the groundwork for Roland to bring these two into Mid-World at a later point in the story. Some sort of hint at the end that Roland and Jake need to find them would be ideal, and while a mid-credits scene featuring a door appearing on a beach labelled with “The Prisoner” or “The Lady of Shadows” wouldn’t mean much to non-book fans, for those familiar with the source material, it would be an amazing tease.