5 Trilogies That Fell Apart In Their Final Act

If you’re going to make a movie trilogy, wouldn’t you want the opus of that trilogy to be the final instalment? Wouldn’t you make it your goal that the finale blew people’s minds and had them walking away with their jaws agape? Of course you would.

So, why then does it seem that so many films built around the idea of a trilogy seem to fall apart in their final act? It’s like they take everything they built up to at that point and just have no idea what to do with it. We can all name trilogies that we loved which suddenly went to shit when they hit the third film, right? You can have two awesome movies, but if you third film is shit, that is going to be the final thought that audiences are left with..

On that note, here are 5 movie trilogies that were kind of awesome and then completely fell apart in their third act. Also, keep in mind, with a few of these films I use the term “trilogy” quite loosely.