7 Academy Awards That We Should Revive


Best Director, Comedy Picture


What it means: Exactly what it says: a Best Director award for makers of comedies. The Best Director, Comedy Picture was only awarded in 1928, given to Lewis Milestone for his film Two Arabian Knights. The category has since been folded into Best Director, with the 1928 awards marking the one time that directing in Drama and Comedy were divided at the Oscars.

Why have it: We all know that comedies don’t get their due at the Oscars. Today, dramatic productions receive more credit than comedic ones, and directors of comedies are often ignored altogether. Even this year, Wes Anderson stands up against Clint Eastwood and Richard Linklater in the Best Director category. Very different films, very different directors, with very different projects, yet they compete against each other for the same award. Rather than making them compete, why not bring back the Comedy Director award and acknowledge that making people laugh is just as important as making them cry?

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