7 Actors Who Should Be Cast In DC’s Standalone Films And Who They Should Portray


Tom Hiddleston (Joker)

Forget about Leonardo DiCaprio (he’s practically the same age as Jared Leto anyway). If you’re doing an origin movie, who better to play the young Mr. J than Tom Hiddleston? Seriously, you must’ve seen the fan art and know that Hiddleston has the necessary acting chops to pull off a role of this magnitude. Additionally, he’s experienced his own brand of craziness by hooking up with serial dater Taylor Swift, so he’s positioned to deal with just about anything that life can throw at him.

For those who’ve read Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke, you’ve seen what the Clown Prince of Crime should look like underneath the pale face and lipstick, right? Now, take a look at a picture of Hiddleston with his short hair and all suited up. It’s an uncanny resemblance.

It’s highly likely that Hiddleston’s time in the MCU is coming to an end – and we’re sure he doesn’t want to play Loki forever – so now’s the time for DC to strike and get him onboard to portray this legendary villain. Really, you don’t get a much more perfect casting choice than this one.

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