7 Actors Who Deserve To Play Aquaman More Than Jason Momoa


Most people think Aquaman is the worst superhero of all time, right?

Warner Bros. Pictures clearly don’t think so, as they recently announced that a solo Aquaman movie is currently being developed for release by 2020. Bizarrely, it’s been reported that the studio have hired two writers to work on two separate scripts, both competing to be selected as the final choice. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to motivate people, right?

Before that, though, comic book movie fans will first see the King of Atlantis onscreen in the upcoming blockbuster Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. After months of rumours and speculation, Jason Momoa is all but confirmed to be taking on the role of Aquaman and many fans are excited to see the Game of Thrones star bring credibility to a role which has drawn unfair criticism in the past.

While we applaud the decision to cast Momoa for his badass screen presence, there are several other actors that are far more suited to the role and who could still make Aquaman credible while remaining more faithful to the original source material.

Join us then as we select seven actors who deserve to play Aquaman on the big screen more than Jason Momoa does. Perhaps they’ll get a shot at the character in a future reboot? We can only hope.