7 Actors Who Should Play Green Lantern


The words ‘Green Lantern‘ can strike fear into the hearts of those who sat through the travesty that starred Ryan Reynolds just a few short years ago (seriously, check out the video above to see everything wrong with the film). However, for those of us who have read the comics or even watched the Justice League cartoons as a kid, Green Lantern is one of DC’s most exciting and iconic characters. Fortunately, when DC finally decided to compete with Marvel’s cinematic universe late last year, their upcoming slate of movies included a brand new Green Lantern film.

While we do know at least some information about the majority of these movies, DC have remained fairly quiet on the Green Lantern front, presumably taking their time to ensure that they get things right this time. However, the fact that the announcement didn’t name the movie as Green Lantern 2 should reassure those who were terrified that Reynolds would return to the role.

As it’s safe to assume that the new Green Lantern film will be a reboot, the bets are now on to see who will eventually be cast as the Emerald Crusader… but it’s not as simple as that. Unlike some of the other DC superheroes, there have been many different versions of Green Lantern over the years. Hal Jordan may be the most iconic character chosen to use the emerald power ring, but fan favorites such as John Stewart and Kyle Rayner shouldn’t be discounted either, as DC may be keen to distance themselves as far away as possible from Reynold’s rendition of Jordan.

Join us then as we handpick seven actors who would be perfect as the lead in a Green Lantern movie.