7 Actors Who Should Play Green Lantern

7) Nathan Fillion – Hal Jordan


Browncoats, rejoice!

Nathan Fillion’s name crops up regularly in superhero casting rumors, but the one character fans most readily associate him with is Hal Jordan. Aside from the fact that Fillion has a plethora of geek credentials thanks to his work on Firefly, the actor has actually voiced Jordan in a range of animated DC movies, including Green Lantern: Emerald Knights and the studio’s most recent animation, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

Fillion proved that he has the charisma to carry a lead role in the sci-fi Western Serenity and his charm already embodies the character perfectly in the voice work he’s carried out so far, so he sounds perfect, right?

One key issue protestors have with this choice is that Fillion is already 43 years old. While this may no longer be an issue considering that Ben Affleck’s Batman is 42, the Green Lantern movie is scheduled for release five years from now. Could Fillion still convince as a superhero in his late 40’s? I think the actor certainly has potential, but Warner Bros. may worry that a performer his age might not pull in the younger demographics that they need to make the most money.