7 Animated Classics That Need To Be Live Action Movies


Original ideas are dead. In their place, cinemas are now flooded with prequels and sequels, reboots and remakes, re-imaginings and re-whatever the hell else they’re going to come up with next. No movie is too sacred. Even Disney, one of the most successful studios of all time, has begun to raid their own back catalogue, remaking childhood favourites into live action blockbusters.

While this current trend certainly has its detractors, it’s worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of these animated classics were themselves based on traditional tales. The success of the recent Cinderella adaptation proves that there’s still life left in those older stories, which is exactly why Disney have a huge number of live action films on their schedule now, including Mulan, The Jungle Book and even Beauty & The Beast. Let’s just hope the sexy French feather duster makes an appearance for the grown-ups.

If Disney continues down this path, why should they be the only ones raking in the money? There are plenty of other animations out there which could be remade in live action, reigniting interest in older properties or giving underrated classics another chance.

Join us then as we take a look at 7 animated classics that need to be live action films.