7 Animated Classics That Need To Be Live Action Movies


6) Paprika (2006)


The story of a doctor who uses a machine to enter the dreams of her patients is even more of a head trip to watch than you’d expect. Imagine watching an animated version of Inception on acid and you would perhaps have a vague idea of what Paprika is really like.

Animation has always been the best medium for creating new worlds, freeing directors to show audiences literally anything their hearts desire. Fortunately, technology has finally reached a point where a live action version of a film like Paprika is now possible, providing a starker contrast between the gritty realism of the world outside of the machine and the surreal dreams explored within.

Japanese director Satoshi Kon unfortunately died soon after the release of his fourth feature, so his valuable input would be missing if anyone decided to make a live-action version of Paprika, but this is one movie that should have been seen by a far larger audience.

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