7 Festival Favorite Horror Flicks To Look Out For In 2015


After sitting through a year’s worth of horror movies, it’s time to start compiling my all-encapsulating “Best Of 2014” and “Worst Of 2014” awards lists, but before we get there, I’d like to highlight a few festival favorites that have yet to find a proper release. While most of the films I’ve loved have received public recognition in the same year they hit the circuit, like Stage Fright, there are a few PHENOMENAL films still waiting for their moment in the sun. While I can happily report most have reached distribution deals already, that still doesn’t mean they don’t deserve another bump to freshen your minds!

This year has already brought us creepy dolls, demonic board games, phallic monsters, musical horror – the list goes on – but I can promise you that there are still PLENTY of treats that haven’t seen the light of day yet. How about a romantic creature feature, or zombie animals, or a boy scout slasher?! Not only that, but one of my only 5-Star reviews on the year is sitting atop this very list, so I’m not dredging the waters here and scraping up titles just for an article.

These aren’t predictions, these are actual reactions to what I’ve already had the pleasure of enjoying – get excited! From Austin to Toronto, here are seven festival darlings you should be looking forward to in 2015!