7 Major Marvel Comic Events That Need To Be Made Into Movies


In our superhero saturated world, there’s a lot of pressure on each Marvel movie to be a huge event in and of itself. Captain America: Civil War lived up to this pressure terrifically, being a true blockbuster with more scale and drama than we’ve yet seen. But where does the studio go from here?

After the two-part Avengers: Infinity War rounds out Phase Three, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have to deliver something even bigger if it is to top its previous efforts. Thankfully, Kevin Feige and his team have decades of giant-sized events from the comics to base their movies on.

The past decade or so, in particular, has seen a proliferation of crossover events that caused seismic shifts across the Marvel universe. Mark Millar’s Civil War was one of these and adapting that turned out just peachy.

From superhero versus superhero action to cosmic battles to dramatic conspiracies, here are seven major Marvel comic events that really need to be made into movies in the near future.