7 Things That The MCU Can Learn From Thor: Ragnarok


It’s fresh at the U.S. box office this week, but it’s official worldwide: Thor: Ragnarok is a monster hit and sitting at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. Forget the fact that it’s the best God of Thunder movie to date; this could be one of Marvel’s greatest films, period.

To quote our own Matt Donato’s review:

“As Thor tumbles head-over-feet through the infinite cosmos, summons thunder blasts and tries to erase the image of Hulk’s gargantuan – how did Tony Stark put it, zucchini(?) – from his mind, “Cosmic Marvel” continues to evolve as the studio’s most fascinating subgenre. It’s where MCU mastermind Kevin Feige allows filmmakers the most freedom, thus far.”

Not a lot of people had high hopes for the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), featuring what many described as one of the blandest superheroes on screen, yet director Taika Waititi managed to give us a splendid adventure that had us glued to our seats. There was no Captain America, Iron Man, or Spider-Man in this flick, but none of us missed them for a single second as Thor and his companions ran rampant and entertained.

So, what was Waititi’s secret ingredient? What did he do differently than the directors before him? Well, that’s the reason we’re here: to discuss and analyze what future MCU films can learn from Thor: Ragnarok in greater detail. Make no mistake, the MCU is a mega-franchise and hugely successful in its own right without this film, but it would be wise to absorb and implement the latest lessons learnt from its current blockbuster.

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