7 Things That The MCU Can Learn From Thor: Ragnarok

You Don’t Need Tony Stark

As one of the biggest characters in the MCU, Tony Stark has appeared in a multitude of the franchise’s biggest movies. In fact, he’s to the MCU what Batman is to the DCEU; however, audiences have wised up to this and grown weary of his presence. Remember how most of Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s criticisms were about Tony’s presence in the marketing and trailers?

The criticism is a tad unfair since the filmmakers are only giving the casual viewers exactly what they want to see. Nonetheless, they should be pleased that Thor: Ragnarok proved you don’t need Tony in a Marvel film to be successful. Yes, the character is referenced several times throughout, but did it ever feel like it was forced or was it simply a natural conversation due to the shared universe?

Tony will always be money in the MCU – that’s a fact and something we should all accept by now. Even so, he doesn’t need to be inserted into every movie for it to be successful. Along with Guardians of the Galaxy, this film is living proof of that.