7 Movies That Need Their Own Kickstarter Campaign

Dredd 2

It physically pains me to add a Dredd sequel on this list, and I know this is the most unreasonable choice based on how large of a budget it would take to provide a proper sequel to Pete Travis’ sorely under-appreciated action-exploitation, but it’s domestically our fault for Dredd‘s studio demise.

Another certifiable bomb, bringing in $35,626,525 worldwide on a $50,000,000 budget, only $13,414,714 of that was brought in domestically – yup, 37.7% (Thanks Box Office Mojo for doing the math for me). I know I was at a midnight 3D showing of Dredd, where were you?! Missing out on pure, unadulterated sci-fi action complete with epic SLO-MO enhanced visuals, Karl Urban being a straight people-throwing badass, and apocalyptic weaponry worth a bevy of repeat watches – that’s where.

While stories had already been talked about for a sequel, hinting at the inclusion of Judge Death, studios made it common knowledge that no plans would be put into place for further Dredd editions unless Travis’ film grossed over $50,000,000. Well, that didn’t happen.

Surely DVD sales could turn this crazy adrenaline ride into a cult classic though, right? Lionsgate reported Dredd was one of the best selling Blu-Ray/3D DVD releases of the year, so some hope still exists – but I want it now. Put this baby up for a Kickstarter campaign, let some filthy-rich Dredd lover put a ton of dough into the production, let him be a producer, and give me more cheesy one-liners.

“I AM THE LAW!!!!”

Low Level Incentive: Customized Judge Badge

Middle Level Incentive: A Cast Signed Judge Dredd Comic

High Level Incentive: Have Karl Urban Throw You Off A Roof As A Henchman Extra